Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Baby Update

Baby girl is doing so good!  I passed my glucose test with flying colors, yay!  Jenson loves going to our appointments and listening to baby sisters heart beat- and playing on the big "i-pad" checking out all the body part, and drawing pictures on them! haha  

 I still throw up ever once in a while but over all this pregnancy has been much easier then with Jenson (sickness wise)! I have some severe pelvis pain (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction )  some days I can hardly stand up or even sit down with out severe pain, other days are not to bad.  I have been going to physical therapy to try to help learn how to strengthen my pelvis, but sadly there is no "instant cure"  It hurts to walk, sit, stand, lay down, cross my legs... pretty much anything that requires movement (so everything...)  With PT and my weekly adjustments its getting bearable for most days though.   

 We had our pre registration appointment with the hospital!  I delivered Jenson at a different hospital so it was fun to go and tour around this one.  It made things so much more real in just 10 short weeks we will be having our baby!!
We are heading to Utah/Idaho next week and I won't be back till I am 36 weeks so it feels good to get everything we need to done before we leave so that I don't have to stress and worry about if the baby comes early!  

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