Monday, May 8, 2017

Utah part 2

Babe's school was starting again on the 9th but because my little brother Kyron was getting married on the 19th I stayed in Utah with Jenson while Babe flew home to start school.  

 Birthday party for Me, Mindy, and Ben!
 For my birthday we went to Sea Quest! 

The best part was feeing the birds... I think it was safe to say Jenson is not a bird person (and honestly neither am I haha)

 Jenson doesn't believe in smiling for pictures anymore- it's always a kiss on the cheek!  I have no idea where he got it from but it's kind of my favorite thing!

 Mothers day!  Babe had to speak in our ward back home but did a fabulous job (I made him record  it!)  My dad did pretty good at spoiling me with heart pancakes for breakfast, and Jenson made the cutest stuff in nursery to give to me... even though he ended up eating all the candy himself lol

Sundays like this are my favorite- everyone together (except Babe :( )

 We had a big old BBQ then we also celebrated my dads, Jillisa, Austin, and Chelsis birthday because birthday week was going to be to crazy with Kyrons wedding!
 poor kid plays so hard with no naps and then just crashes! haha
 Kyron and Meagan closed on their house a fews days before their wedding!!  There are already lots of big changes to it, I can't wait to see it when it's all done! 
 While I was there we got the terrible news that Babe's uncle suddenly passes away unexpectedly.  It was such a shock but I was thankful I was able to drive to Inkom to attend the beautiful service for him.  He sure will be missed, what an amazing man we was!  We love you Uncle Chris!
 Emily and I are due 2 weeks apart (I guess I shouldn't had worn my black dress so you could actually see my belly bump..)  It's been so fun having a sister to be pregnant with!!
Wedding set up was in full swing a few days before the big day- with a outdoor wedding at our friends house it was kind of nice to get things started early, even if it was freezing cold! 
 Babe flew back the day before the wedding, made it just in time to finish setting up!  Austin and him also have a tradition to hike Adams Canyon every time they are down (depending on the time of year..) I stopped going a while ago but still get to enjoy the pictures of the top! 

Next up the Wedding!! 

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