Thursday, December 1, 2016

first trip to the ER

It was just a normal night at the Hunt house, Jenson was running around like crazy- the way he always does when he is really tired and gets more hyper.  All of a sudden Jenson started screaming while holding his eye.  I jumped up, grabbed his hand to see what was wrong and instantly my hand was full of blood.  I shouted for Babe to grab something to clean up the blood, that was already all down both our shirts.  I went to the worst thing first and seriously thought his eye was going to fall out, that was until Babe cleaned up the majority of the blood and we could see a triangle cut on the corner of his eye.  Jenson wasn't calming down, and the blood didn't really stop either.  After facetiming our moms to see if they thought it was bad enough for stitches we decided to head to the ER.  We should have just gone to the urgent care but you live and you learn.  
** Sorry if some of these images are to graphic for you! **

 After way to long they finally called us back to our own little room, where we played for another -20 or so minutes before the dr. came in! 

 ^^ Don't worry he is just a faker and was pretending to sleep! haha^^

Thankfully Jenson did pretty well- and only needed some glue and not stitches, he probably would have been fine but it was better safe then sorry.  He still has a pretty awesome triangle scar next to his eye where it was glued shut though.  
With how crazy this kid is it was a miracle this was our first incident but hopefully it's the last for a while! 

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