Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another surprise trip home!

If you haven't guessed by now I am obsessed with surprises.  This time only my parents were in on it.  I flew out a week and a half before Babe would drive out after finals.  Jenson is really getting the hang of flying.  But because he is bigger he kicks the seat in front of him and so I spend most the time holding down his feet!  

 He refused to sleep on the plane but seconds into our car ride home he was out cold! 
 The first few nights I was home my sister slept over with her baby while her husband was out of town!  

Jenson was obsessed with my moms cow costume and pretty much wore it all the time! Also check out how cute his picture is that he got to hang up at Grandma greats house!
 Amanda and Kezman also invited me to a Jazz game!  VIP dinner tickets and seats for the win!  Thanks Amanda for inviting me it was so fun hanging out! 
Both my brothers were also at the game with their work party so we met up after for them to give me a ride home.  We walked through Dicks to get some Christmas gifts.  It was pouring rain so Kasey's "hat" was to keep the rain from pouring down his neck hahaha

Being home is the best because Aunt Jillisa gives the best hair cuts!  And Jenson and Bentley are bestest buddies that is just so cute to watch!

Temple square lights are my favorite.  We headed down one night and then went to the Sing A Long at the Delta center after!  Not having Babe there to chase Jenson around was hard but thankfully we have such a big family and some of the best aunts and uncles that would chase him for me! 

 Let us also talk about my moms Christmas cookies!  Oh yummmm it's a lot of work since we like quadruple the recipes but it's so worth it!  IT also made for a fun girls night!

My mom is also the best and makes me rice pudding (my favorite!) every time I am home!!  We love being home, just missing our other half! 

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