Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas time!

Waking up to this awesome view is kind of my favorite!  
 Emily and Earl were at the house all week with us, we had so much fun hanging out!  We played lots of games, went to town almost every day, and watched lots of movies! The worse part we also shared the flu- it hit one person at a time.  Every night one person with get sick while the next one got better. Luckily it only lasted a day.  

 Jenson was one of the first ones to get the flu,  we knew something was wrong after he wouldn't leave our side at a family party and ended up falling asleep on Babe.  Sure enough that night he threw up all over me, the rest was history!

 On christmas eve we got to join in on the traditional Christmas Eve Caroling!  It was snowing, cold, and perfect! 

 Later that night we got some awesome news from Emily in Earl that they were going to have a baby!!  We technically found out earlier, so it was really fun to help Emily pick out the perfect gifts to help tell their girls!  Emily is due just a few weeks after me, I have always wanted to be pregnant with a sister so were pretty excited!!

Babe got the flu early Christmas morning so Christmas was pretty low key!  It was also a snowing blizzard outside so we pretty much stayed inside all day! 

Jenson was spoiled beyond belief, he got so many trains.  He was pretty much in heaven! 

 Once there was a small break in the snow we hit the road to make it to Utah for the rest of the day.  We made it as far as the bottom of the drive way until we got stuck.  Thankfully help wasn't to far away, Dave and Earl came and towed us out, and we slowly made it down the canyon.  Once we hit the freeway the roads were pretty much clear.  Good thing too because Babe was pretty sick so I ended up driving the rest of the way home so he could sleep.  

 My family waited to open up all their gifts till we got there!  It was so fun to see what everyone got, spending christmas with our families is the best thing! 

 Merry Christmas everyone!  

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