Sunday, December 25, 2016

Big News #2

One of my biggest reasons for flying home early was to go and tell our families that we are pregnant! It's been years of prayers in the making.  We are thankful everyday for this chance to have another baby.  There is so much I have to say about it but I'm going to save that for another post.  For now I am just going to share how we told all of our families!

You can tell the exact moment that my sisters saw my shirt and realized I was pregnant, and not just surprising them I was home! Extra thanks to my parents who got really good at lying to everyone so they wouldn't suspect anything! We had everyone there, except my little brother who was at class that night and my BIL who was away on a work business trip. My dad told everyone that he needed some help with a Institute lesson on families, he needed a picture and would do a little questionnaire for his class, after he would give them pizza for helping out.  Little did they know it was really so that I could have them all there at the same time so I could surprise everyone at once! 
After my mom picked me up from the airport we had a few hours to spare before anyone could see me, normally this wouldn't be to hard but my sister was staying at my moms house because her husband was out of town, haha.  We figured out a way to keep my moms car so I could meet them at the institute later, after everyone arrived.  So while my sister was at my parents house, I hung out at her house alone haha  She lives close to my dads work anyway so it was perfect.  My mom texted me when everyone was there and I headed up to surprise them!  We were sad Babe couldn't be there since he was finishing up his finals but my mom had him on facetime the whole time so he could see it all.  You can see her sneak off to the side in the video so that he could see everyones expression!  
It was so fun to finally tell everyone, and get to see everyone!  
^^ This is the shirt I made to wear, miracles really do happen! ^^

When we announced with Jenson we made a movie poster so we only saw it fit to do the same with this baby!  
Also Hunt baby #2 is a GIRL!!  I would have been happy with a boy too- but between you and me I am EXTRA happy it's a girl!!  Now I just have to figure out how to fit all the girl stuff in our tiny apartment that's full of boy stuff! haha We love you so much already baby girl!  

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