Saturday, November 7, 2015

This is Halloween

The week before we had our ward Trunk or Treat so I kept thinking Halloween was over, but luckily it wasn't! A friend of ours works at a old folks home and invited us to to trick or treating there the day before Halloween.  We had to go so I could dress Jenson up in his Mickey costume as much as possible, and hello free candy! :)  

He was super shy at first and was like dragging on the ground crying.  But we kept trying and once he saw that they were handing out candy he was all in.  He walked right up to them and would dig in (looking like he would grab a handful, then only get 1 piece haha)  He kept saying "dank u" (with some encouragement from mom..) He was becoming a pro fast! 
Maybe it's not the best to take cute kids to a old folks home because seriously I could die from cuteness overload here!  
We went to another area of the facility where there were some older ladies with dementia (important to the story ;) )  After Jenson got candy from all of them he ran around some tables for a minute and then would run right back to get more candy- and they just kept giving him more! hahaha lets just say he made a haul!  I'm pretty sure the sweet lady pictured about gave Jenson half of her candy bowl- she was the closest so Jenson kept going back to her.  He was sure a hit though and they couldn't stop laughing and looking at him- but seriously how could you not?!  
When we got home Jenson had fun "sorting" out his candy, we even let him have a piece or 2 before he went to bed and we had our pick at it! :)  Thanks Drew for letting us come and trick or treat with you!  

On Halloween we met up with some friends (more like tagged along! Thanks Liz and Whitney!)  It was like Jenson had done it before because he knew exactly what to do.  But I think it helped that he was watching all the older kids, wanting to be just like them!  

 He was even getting good at saying "trick or treat", "thank you!" and "bye bye" at every door! (when did he get so big?!)

 Jenson was making a haul!  I had to keep emptying his bucket into my purse so that he would't drop all his candy out.  He would throw a fit every time I touched his bucket too- he knew that candy was his and he was not letting it go without a fight! 

 Jenson normally goes to bed around 7 so we were not expecting him to last very long, but I am pretty sure he could had gone all night-  he was running from door to door!  And cried when we had to go!
 Not to bad for his first trick or treating haul right?! 
When we got home we put Jenson to bed (lame right?) and we dug into our favorite candies (#parenttax)  

We spent the night enjoying the Royals game (WE WON THE WORLD SERIES!!)  and I ate some "beans" in honor of my grandpa- 6 years since he died.  I can still remember that day 6 years ago, I still wish he was here with us, not a day goes by that I don't miss him and grandma, but how thankful I am for them and the memories I have with them! :)  

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