Saturday, November 14, 2015

BYU Vs Mizzou

BYU came to town and we just had to go cheer on our cougars!  The game was at the Arrowhead stadium where the Chiefs play, my first time going there!  (#tourournewtown!) 

We had some pretty bad nose bleed seats but thanks to some amazingly awesome friends that invited us to their box, the game was one we wont forget! 
Seriously though I was like star struck the whole time- once in a life time opportunity!  

Oh and did I mention it was kid free?!  Even better not having to worry about chasing Jenson around! 

So the best thing about the Box (besides the seats)  was the dippin dots- I won't even tell you how many I ate haha 

Did I also mention all the other food? Brats, hot dogs, chicken tenders, fruit, chips, etc... It was pretty nice since we didn't have dinner before we left!  haha 

How cute is this? I always get worried when we leave Jenson (not because I don't think he will be okay- more for the sanity of the babysitter!) 

I seriously can't thank these ladies enough, it was so fun and honestly when will we get to hang out in Any Reid's Box, at the Chefs stadium?!  haha Drew your my new best friend- even if you love dogs a little to much haha
Even though we lost it was the perfect night out with my favorite man! 

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