Friday, November 13, 2015

Big boy bed!

Babe and I decided we wanted to try to transition Jenson out of his crib.  I'm not sure what our reasons where now except the fact that he kept getting his legs stuck in his crib bars and I was always worried he was going to hurt himself.  
We found the cutest bed at IKEA that will grow with him, it has 4 different sized (ending in a twin!)  We figured eventually we will have another kid (hopefully sooner then later!) and they will have to share a room so we wanted to get something that wouldn't take up to much space.  

Jenson may have fallen out a few times the first week, but we ended up using his extra pieces to his mattress and put them on the ground below him on each side- it's a perfect soft landing! ;)  It took him a few days to learn how to say asleep on the bed (he's a mover!) We had to go in a few time and situate him on his bed so he wasn't halfway off haha

He even got to pick out the sheets himself- at the time he was obsessed with Veggie Tales, now not so much but he still loves them!  I still can't believe our little baby is growing up and in a big boy bed!  :'( 

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