Monday, November 9, 2015

Royals Parade

The Royals won the world series (yahooooo)!!! There was a HUGE parade in their honor, they even canceled all the schools around so everyone could go if hey waited to! So of course we just HAD to go!  
The night before the parade I made shirts for all of us! :)  They tuned out to be some of my favorites!
We headed out bright and early to scope out our spot!  

 Holy humid hair.. haha
 KC was covered in Blue, the fountains were my favorite!
 We found our spot and decided to stay put- right at the end of the parade and the start of the rally (bad choice.. we now know..)

 The more people that showed up the more restless Jenson got,  not to mention it was his nap time!  I stayed with some friends while Matt took Jenson for a little walk.

 a sea of people- seriously everywhere you looked was blue and people! 
 Poor Babe could never find his way back to use because of the amount of people.  There was also NO service or wifi anywhere so I couldn't gotten ahold of him if I tried.  I later found out he took Jenson to the car to try to get him to sleep.  He watched the parade on his phone (he saw more of it then we did!) haha 

 Something I will never forget is the smell of smoke (and anything else you can imagine!)  I had a headache most the time.  Also this lovely couple you see there ^^ were pretty much parents of the year- their poor kid had to use the bathroom but they didn't want to take him so they made him pee in a bottle, while they kept smoking.  At least they coved him up with their jacket so he could have some privacy... 

 The parade would had been cool if we could actually see it haha thanks to my selfie stick I filmed it and got to watch it later haha.  When the parade was over we tried to make our way back to the car which wasn't easy because everyone else and their dog was heading our way for the rally.  When Babe took Jenson he didn't take the stroller so he could run around, which meant I had the empty stroller, sure it was nice to hold all our jackets and keep a few people from creeping on to much of our space.  But I will tell you it's not easy trying to get through thousands of people alone- let alone with a stroller ... I am actually grateful Jenson wasn't there because he would had gone crazy! I got a ton of strange looks though!

Another challenge was trying to get out of the parking lot!  I got a kick out of all the random people who decided it was up to them to direct traffic- until their car got out of the jam! haha

 There was a estimated 800,000 people there- and we were part of it! It was insane! 
 We most likely will never be doing anything like that again but it was fun to say we did it once!  Go Royals!! 

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