Thursday, May 28, 2015

playing catch up- Easter 2015

Easter this year was so fun with Jenson- even though he still doesn't understand what was going on it was fun to dress him up and have him collect a few eggs of his own! This year Easter fell on General Conference- win, win!! We went to the park in between the Saturday session to have a BBQ/ Egg hunt with some friends in our ward!  It was really fun to get to hang out with friends, watch the kids go crazy over candy eggs, and listen to our prophets speak.  

Babe is not a huge fan of the Easter bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy etc... I guess he doesn't see the point but lucky for our kids I love them so we still get to celebrate them!  The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday so we can focus on the real meaning of Easter on Sunday. 
^^ The candy filled basket was for us of course!- Thanks Mom!!^^

Jenson's favorite part of his basket was the bubbles from Grandma the bunny...
^^ Jenson may or may not have worn the tail and ears for a few days leading up to Easter ;)  I figured I should dress him up now when he doesn't have a say in it.. right!? ^^

^^ We also went to Outdoor World to see the Easter Bunny, he didn't really cry or smile haha but there is always next year ;)^^ 

We loved celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, and getting to spend time with family and friends.  It sure was another Easter for the books! :)

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