Sunday, March 22, 2015

Branson- day 2

First off let me start by saying how well my husband knows me.  I LOVE learning about history and significant things that have happened.  After leaving Lambert's they had a ton of billboards for all of the shows and things in that are in Branson.  I saw a Titanic one and wanted to go sooo bad!  Little did I know Babe already had the tickets for the next day! :)  We woke up to a nasty rainy day but that didn't stop us!  First surprise stop: Titanic!  I was so giddy- and it was even more than I had imagined!  

 ^^ They give you a name of a person that was on the Titanic.  You go through learning about all things titanic, and at the end they have a Memorial room that you can tell if you survived or not.  Can you tell what the bottom of my card says?
"Because Titanic's few lifeboats were reserved for women and children, my husband wasn't allowed to board.  He said goodbye to me with one final embrace, then took his son in his arms and said, "So long, Frankie.  See you later."
Seriously heart breaking, but yes we survived, Babe however didn't- I guess it didn't matter what class you were in ;) 
I loved reading stories and learning about things I never knew before- and it helps that I am a very visual learner!  They didn't allow pictures inside, so you will just have to take my word for it, but you NEED to go! They even had a exact replica (minus the hand rails ;) )of the grand stair case (the 2 top floors) and the ceiling- it was amazing! They take your picture with a green screen and put you in front of it, and doing the traditional hands out on the bow of the ship pose ;) haha I'll have to take a picture of the picture and post it- even though they should have a girl doing it so that she can tell you that you hair is a funky... haha 
 But seriously what a incredible experience!  

^^ Later that night driving by with it all lit up!^^ 

After the Titanic we went to Main Street Alley Grill- we just looked it places to eat and it had good reviews and the whole 'diamond in the rough' feel so we went for it!  And it was all it was cracked up to be!  It had a very interesting style inside with lots of weird painting, and hand soaps, taffy, jams, sling shots, and lots of other random things you could buy.  

 ^^ In the bathrooms they had this exfoliating hand soap, it was amazing!  We almost got it but couldn't get ourselves to pay for a small jar for $14 something...^^ 

 ^^ Amazing hamburger, and home made chips!^^

 Next we went next door to the best store called Dicks 5 & 10- It was the biggest/ small store I ever saw haha it just kept going and going, all chucked FULL of anything and everything you would need.  They even had a entire isle of Christmas stuff!  It was like a walk down memory lane, we kept telling each other stories from our childhood with things we saw.  It was so fun!  Defiantly a must see store!

 ^^ I told you, anything and everything- even some Lingerie "Grannie Panties"^^

 ^^ Seriously have you ever seen a rubber duck or a Pez that big before? ^^

Back to the hotel we went for Cookies and Tea (don't worry we only got water) haha I watched a little HGTV and hung out while Babe went to go get our tickets for the next surprise (sooo spoiled!)

Up next was the:
Drummmm roll please.......
Dixie Stampede!!!
 When I asked Babe why he chose this show (besides the great reviews from friends) was because he knew I loved Rodeos- He is so good to me!  Dixie Stampede was like a musical rodeo in a since haha it was sooo cool!  

 ^^ Outside they have all of the horses they ride :) ^^
 ^^ When on vacation, money doesn't matter right? haha We got some awesome souvenir boot cups, and yummy drinks with them ;)  ^^

We got there early for the pre show- it was awesome as well! It was a older guy and his step son.  Both of them were amazing!  Seriously, this boy is doing things that is un heard of before- like juggling 9 balls!  He is also pro at balancing! 

^^ I only got a few seconds of this one but you get the idea!^^

^^ We were on the "North" side and lost to the "South" in the battles- you will just have to go to see what I'm talking about... But I hear the South wins most so if you can sit on that side^^

^^ The first course for dinner was some yummy vegetable soup and some awesome cheese biscuits! If you didn't notice in the picture there are no silver wear- yeah that's because you eat everything with your hands!  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the food when they brought it out but it was to dark (and you technically are not allowed to take pictures during the show because of the light...) ^^
 ^^ Main course- yes this was just for me, they also had corn on the cob, pork loin, and some sliced baked potatoes (all eating with your fingers keep in mind!)  It was really fun though, I even ate this chicken (even though it had bones!  I'm a big girl now!" ;) if you know me you know that's a HUGE deal!) For desert you also got a huge turnover! :)  It was a awesome show, and great food! ^^
Every place we went they take you picture in front of a green screen- they are like $25 bucks a piece so I just took a picture while we were "deciding" if we were going to buy them haha 
Bad quality, but you get the idea! ;)

 When the show ended driving around town, and ended up at the Wax Museum.  I had never gone to one and always wanted to so Babe agreed- it probably wan't worth the money but it was fun!

^^ The illegal picture of the gorilla.. haha I got in trouble for taking it but if you can't take a picture of it there should be a sign! haha^^

We bought the pass with the House of Chaos and the Maze of Mirrors so we did those next- kind of lame but like I said it was it was fun to be out with Babe (and listen to his girl manly scream during the House of Chaos, which was a 5D interactive game thing where you shoot zombies and bugs.. haha)

 ^^ Outside the wax museum^^ 

We had to hit up Cold Stone on our way back to the hotel, yummmy!  
I was pretty spent by the end of the night (I'm not used to doing so much in one day! haha) I crashed pretty soon after we got back!  The next morning we packed up, went to breakfast and headed back home to cuddle our little dude!  I was so excited to see him and time was going by to slow so I slept the whole way back ;) haha 

I had this huge reunion in my head with Jenson running to me when he saw me... Yeah non of that happened, but I was so happy to see him!  I couldn't stop hugging him all day!  All in all I would say it was a trip to remember!  I was so spoiled, it was such a nice break and time to actually spend with Babe- without all his books!  I'm not looking forward to him going back to school tomorrow :(   

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