Friday, March 20, 2015

spring break surprise getaway day 1

So let me just start with saying I have the best husband ever!  I was wanting to do something fun for Spring Break this year but he made it seem like we were not going to do anything but sit at home while he studied.  Well low and behold I came down to find this amazingly perfect note on our table.  I started to choke up a little when I realized that we had to leave Jenson for a few days but that soon turned into excitement when I knew I could spend some actually quality time with my man, and that Jenson would be in good hands! 
I LOVE surprises but I am also really good at guessing things so I pretty much knew where we were going but didn't want to say anything in case I was wrong (which I wasn't... haha) We left for Branson after Jenson woke up from his nap around 1:00 (on Tuesday)  We dropped him and everything else that comes with him (everything but the kitchen sink...pretty much!) at our good friend's house (thanks again Joann and clan!)  Jenson is having major separation anxiety right now so I was really nervous he would just scream the whole time.  Well he didn't even cry as we were leaving, we did sneak out without him seeing us though so maybe that helped ;) He made himself right at home and was fine the WHOLE time!  He did so good, maybe we should leave him more often haha if only it wasn't so hard for his parents!  ;)

^^ Ps Happy St. Patricks day! ^^

 ^^ And were off!^^
First stop to Ozark to go to Lambert's Cafe known for their throwed rolls- no seriously they throw you rolls!  

 ^^ Check out those mugs... you hardly need a refill with those babies!  Oh and yes, Babe's meal came in a 12 in skillet!^^
^^ I'm not very daring so I stuck with what I love, chicken tenders!  Babe got chicken fried stake and all the 'fixings'^^

 ^^ They come by with big pans full of different things that they just put on your plate for you to try... my favorite were those scalloped potatoes- but we did branch out and tried some fried okra.  And we got plenty of hot rolls too! They had more stuff but I couldn't even finish my own meal to keep trying things... we are make this place a new favorite!  If only it wasn't so far away...^^
Bad video but you get the idea! 
Another one.. even though I didn't know I was filming in slow motion.. haha it's not always easy trying to be so sneaky! 

After dinner we finished our trek to Branson (only about 45 minutes away).  We checked in to the Hotel Grand Victory, facetimed with Jenson before he went to bed then headed out to tour the town!

 ^^ please note the step stool to help you get on the bed... haha ^^
It was a really nice hotel but the inside was kind of interesting to say the least.  Fake flowers, teddy bears, and porcelain dolls...;)
 The Tanger Outlets were right by our hotel so we decided to go shopping for a bit.  We didn't realize how big the hill was until we remembered we would have to come back up... 

We found some nice shorts for Babe, some awesome kitchen tools, and some cute shades for Jenson.  I loved every minute of it, Babe didn't complain once about shopping! In fact I was the one to complain about my feet hurting.. haha  
The rest of the night we hung out watching our favorite channel, HGTV ;) It was the perfect day and I couldn't wait to see what other surprises Babe had the next day! :)  

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