Monday, March 9, 2015

Jenson turns 1

Jenson's birthday was pretty low key since Dad was at school all day, so we just hung out around the house till he got home!  We started the day with some sprinkle pancakes for breakfast! :) 
 After his nap I blew up a ton of balloons and let him go crazy with them in his crib- he had the time of his life!  It was so fun to watch!  

 We dad got home from school we ate dinner, facetimed our families and let Jenson open his presents! He sure got spoiled!! 

 The next day we had a little birthday party for him- I wish I would have taken more pictures of the decorations and not just the food but all well! ;) I had fun planning and putting together his party- it helped distract me from thinking about not having any of our family in town to celebrate with us (we will have to do a party for him at christmas time next year so everyone can be there!)
He was pretty happy considering he had just gotten his 1 year old shots a few hours before... bad timing on my part! 

We went with the "winter ONEderland" theme- and lots of penguins in honor of his dad!


 All in all I would say Jenson had the best birthday of his life ;)  

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