Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hunt bathroom remodel

Babe got a little excited to start on the bathroom so before I realized what he was doing I was to late for a complete "before" picture- but basically add a mirror and cupboard doors...


Thanks to my awesome parents who came up to help us- We could have done it but it would have taken twice as long and wouldn't of looked half as good!  So THANK YOU!!

Some of the things we did: Paint walls (it's kind of a blue/grey!)
New towel hook and shower curtain
New sinks, facets, countertops, light switches (we had to do a lot of re wiring.. thanks dad for helping!) 
new towel holder (they never had one before!) and new towels 

new light fixtures and cupboards (hardware)

Another project done!  We love remodeling and learning how to do things on our own- I love organizing and decorating (especially when it's not my money I'm spending ;)) 

Thanks to everyone that helped us that are not pictured here- and to all the people who watched Jenson while we worked ;)

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