Monday, June 1, 2015

surprise trip- Utah part 2 ;)

For Family night on Monday we went to go help Grandma and Grandpa (Craven) Great around their house/ yard.  I love their house, I have so many found memories there and love showing Jenson all of my favorite things there! :) 
Seriously isn't their yard beautiful? So green, and colorful! Jenson also loved his rake Grandma Great let him play with! 

Grandma makes THE BEST COOKIES (we even had them for our wedding reception because I wanted everyone to have some!) Jenson agreed, they were amazing.  Oh and check out how cute he looks in that high chair! hahah too cute!
^^ 4 Generations ^^

Jenson loves being with the older boys, he doesn't quite get the concept of "pass" and always wants to keep the ball but were working on it ;)
I spy 3 Hunt cousins... They all play so good together, I was excited we got to spend some more time with them at Amanda and Marshalls house! 
^^ how beautiful is my mom?!  I love you mom!^^

I got to spend my birthday at home this year and since there are so many birthdays in May we combined the first 3 (Mindy-1st, Ben-8th, Brielle-9th) We LOVE going to my dads Institute building for all our big family get together (especially when it's really rainy!)
I couldn't see Jenson so I went to find him and found him stuck in between the doors with Ben haha They could get in but couldn't pull the doors back open ;) lol

^^mmmm my ice cream cake!^^

^^ We had a Elmo themed party for Ben!  How cute are these trays Mindy made for him?!^^

Sadly we had to get on the road to make our trip back to Kansas so we could be back before the next semester started.  I was pretty bummed we had to leave on Mothers Day so I couldn't have an amazing dinner... :(  

I HATE goodbyes, they never get easier either.  I held it in really well (sorta..)  while saying goodbye but lost it in the car... I'm pretty sure Babe thought someone had just died.  I'm pretty sure I didn't stop crying till we hit Wyoming haha partially because I didn't want to drive 18 hours in the car.. ;)

Jenson is such a good traveler!  My mom made me a IPad holder for the car, which worked perfect so Jenson would watch (you guessed it... ) Mickey Mouse!  We only had to stop for gas 2 times (we got out at the second gas station and ran around for a bit.  We made it to our hotel in Nebraska around midnight- the only way to do road trips is to do the majority of the driving the first day!

Till next time- I can't wait, only a few more months and my parents are coming out here to spend some time in Kansas!! YAY!!  

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