Sunday, June 7, 2015

O.P Arboretum

I am trying to make a fun list of things to do while my parents are here this summer (all suggestions welcomed!).  We had heard good things about the OP Arboretum so we decided to go check it out last weekend.  It was the day after a rain storm so all the trails were really muddy and there were a TON of mosquitos, but it was fun non the less!  (note to self, bring bug spray next time!)
Now enjoy a plethora of random pictures ;)

^^ SO green!! :) ^^

^^ Because it was a colder/cloudy day there was like no one there, except for the wedding going on but that wasn't near the kids play area so all was well ^^

^^ These "flowers" was part of a tree- soo pretty! ^^

^^ I love these boys! They are best buddies! ^^

 ^^ Kansas City is putting pianos all over the place for people to play whenever they want to, such a great idea!^^

^^ ALWAYS on the move!  I love to watch him "run" haha ^^

^^ This train set was so cool!  ^^

He couldn't get enough of the tractors and sand! 

^^ The wedding party^^

Thank you arboretum for a enjoyable outing!  We will defiantly be putting this on the list of things to do again this summer!

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