Saturday, June 20, 2015

Deanna Rose- Summer 2015

The weather has been pretty nice lately- and not to humid!  So we have been taking every advantage we can and getting out of the house!  
 ^^ The new baby calf June Bug, just born on June 1st!  (just like our other little Emma June Bug! Except one is a lot cuter then the other... and no it's not the cow.) ^^

 ^^ Reese caught a baby frog- to bad seconds after these pictures the poor frog jumped to his death... hashtag suicidal frog^^

 ^^Fishing!  After Reese caught a fish I made her un hook it all by herself while I took pictures and laughed... haha But hey she caught it she had to release it, that's the price you have to pay ;).  The girl next to us was on a roll and caught over 14 fish... we only got the 1 and that was enough for us! ^^

 ^^ I was surprised at how well Jenson did with the goats, he would pet a few and then just stand there and watch them.  ^^

 ^^ It was all fun and games until Mr. Speed Man ran to the back of the pen where all the mud was and fell flat on his bum... Luckily I had lots of wipes that I got the majority of it cleaned off, but it still looked like he pooped his pants all day... Mom fail! ^^

 ^^ I promise it's mud... at least I hope it was all mud and not something else ;) ^^

 Good thing Reese was around to walk through the misters with Jenson.  So not only was he muddy he got soaking wet- but hey he was happy so I guess that's all that matters...

He was happy until we had to go and he had to get in his stroller that is...

^^ The after math of a muddy wet baby, means going clothes less on the ride home! ^^

Thank you Deanna Rose for yet another exciting adventure, until next time! 

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  1. I didn't realize Reese was so old...she's almost like a second set of hands...Awesome!