Saturday, May 30, 2015

Surprise trip 2015 continued-Idaho

Friday Morning we we went to our favorite breakfast joint to meet up with the Hunts  (Grannie Annies!!)  Jenson LOVED the scones (he even stole the rest of his Aunt Amandas scone right off her plate and started chowing down!)

^^ Road trips sure are easier when you have Mickey to watch! ^^

We got to meet up with a lot of our Buhl/ Twin Falls friends for lunch- It was so fun to see everyone and I'm pretty sure Jenson loved all the extra attention!  On our way back to Kimberly we even got to go see my cousin and her cute family, Jenson LOVED all the car toys they had!  
That night we went to a fundraiser for my SIL ward, we made out with some yummy treats, a awesome dinner, and getting to spend some extra time with some of our favorite people, the Wrights (and Hunts!)!  
After celebrating our nieces 9th birthday we headed back to Inkom to spend the rest of the week.  
A trip to Inkom isn't a trip if we don't get down and dirty and get some stuff remodeling done ;) This trip the master bathroom was on the docket!  Since my in laws both had to work during the day Babe and I got to work right away, and worked all day long (stopping to keep Jenson happy, and getting in a few 4 wheeler rides of course!)  

Monday night Uncle Karl and Aunt Natalie invited us down to ride a horse and see some baby sheep 

^^ This little girl kills me!  Aubrey and Jenson are the closest cousins in age- someday they will be best friends!! ^^
AHHHH I love riding around the farm, I seriously don't think I can ever get sick of it!  

^^ Taking a little break from the bathroom ;) ^^

^^Sadly this is who Jenson was most mornings while we worked haha But i'm pretty sure he didn't mind at all ^^

Sun set rides- kinda my favorite!

After we finished the bathroom (post to follow on just the update!) we celebrated by going on a group date to breakfast.  After breakfast the girls went to get Pedis (thanks again for my b-day present Vanessa!)  and the boys went to play frisbee golf!  

It was my first time ever getting a pedicure, I'm pretty sure I will be going a lot more now... haha

One last family ride around the drive way then it was back to Utah for another week of fun! :) 

We LOVE vacation!!

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