Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our surprise Utah trip!

I was talking to my sister Mindy after the General Women's Conference about how much I wanted to go home and that it seemed like forever till Babe would be done with his semester classes and we could go visit.  I told her about how last semester when we flew home a week earlier it was really nice for Babe so he could get some real studying in and pass all his finals (then drive out faster!).  Well after I hung up I looked at plane tickets and was surprised by the decent price so we decided to do it!  Only Mindy knew- and it was one of the hardest secrets I ever had to keep... I love surprising everyone but I think its to hard to keep something that big haha

Well we left bright and early for the airport, excited to see family (but also nervous for how Jenson would do.. it's harder to fly with him the older he gets (Mr. Independent!).

Sorry for the crappy/ blurry phone pictures...

^^ We walked and walked up until we had to board in hopes that it would make Jenson tired and he would sleep (haha fat chance of that happening!) ^^

^^ one flight down.. he did pretty well considering we woke him up at 4:00 that morning...^^
^^ He got about a 20 minute nap during the layover- thank goodness for strollers because he refuses to sleep while being held! ^^

^^ The second flight was a bit more rough but thanks to random IPad apps, Curious George, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse we made it! ^^

Mindy told my parents that she had a Chiropractic appointment, and her husband was busy helping a friend and couldn't watch the kids (which was true, minus the dr. appointment) ;)  She kidnapped my other sister Jillisa that morning and said they were going maternity clothes shopping and needed help.  (still no one had even the slightest clue!!) Instead of going shopping they came to pick Jenson and I up at the airport!!  
I also texted my Sister Chelsi during our layover and told her I was coming and to meet at moms house for lunch and to hang out (thank goodness it was a Saturday!) 

^^ Jenson was sooo tired in the car driving to Grandma's! ^^

The funny this was how in my head everything seemed like a HUGE clue and that we were going to give everything away but on the other end of it, it all made since haha I am glad my sister secretly filmed it all so you could see how priceless my parents reactions were. My dad even saw me getting out of my sisters car but didn't think anything of it because I look so much like my sister anyway hahaha

^^ After a nap and some lunch we went shopping and hung out for the rest of the day!  It was so nice to just be with family doing those "little things" we always take for granted, the only thing that could have made it better was if Babe was there! ^^
^^ I just had to document how this NEVER happens.. I went to surprise my best friend and her family at her little sisters homecoming talk with my parents.  He fell asleep in the car and somehow he stayed asleep through half of the meeting! ^^
That night we had a Gender Revel party for my sister- I was sooo excited when I realized I would be there for this!! :) 

It's a BOY!!!  I can't wait to meet you little Bentley!
For your guess of what it is you either got a crown, or a gun ;) 

^^ By the end of the year we will have 9 boy cousins on the Craven side (with only 2 girls!), not pictured Greysin and Chelsi (with the next boy cousin due in July!) ^^

And now a plethora of pictures from that week, from shopping, soccer games, visiting family, and going on walks!

^^ The only 2 Hunt boy cousins!^^

Babe arrived at like midnight on Thursday, the next day we headed to Idaho to spend some time with the Hunts!  Stay tuned! 

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