Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Plans

Because everyone is just dying to know what I did over the weekend (right?) I thought I would put the wondering to an end...

Babe didn't have to work on Saturday so Friday at 2 we jumped on the good ole' shuttle and headed for Layton.  Can I just say I am kind of getting tired of traveling every weekend? But I love spending the time with our families so I guess it is worth it. 

Friday night the whole family came over we ate, talked, watched you-tube videos, and watched some movies.  Saturday after some much needed sleep we headed to the Aerospace Museum (freee baby!) and enjoyed our time looking around at the planes and just being with each other.  
Oh and I may have taken a ton of a few pictures... :)
 Jillisa and I had fun taking pictures for the "Aerospace Museum Calendar" as Mike would say... Mostly consisting of Jillisa saying "Oh take my picture here, and here..." :)
 After hanging out there we headed to our favorite childhood memory, Smith and Edwards! The store that has EVERYTHING if you can find it :) Babe had never been before so I had fun showing him around the store, mostly the candy isle!  
 That afternoon we headed to my cousins baptism and enjoyed some more family time and ice cream sundaes! Yummmm. That night we celebrated my "little" brothers 18th birthday.  I seriously can't believe he already has his mission papers in.  Kyron and I have always been pretty close (being the 2 youngest will do that to you..) I remember days when my friends were being mean or something and he would stay home from his friends to keep me company and watch a movie or something with me instead.  It's going to be really weird not having him around... He is one of the most gentile  kind, funny, "fluffy", caring, messy ;), loving, person I know.  He is going to be one heck of a missionary!  His "franchise" as my family calls it was his mini refrigerator completely stocked with pop, Gatorade and V8's.  Now if he can only find a way to put a lock on it... 
I also got a lot of Greysin time in, I seriously can't get enough of this cute boy!

 Sunday we had dinner with my family then went up to visit Amanda and Kezman, Marshall is still in the hospital but the Chemo seems to be really working.  Last I heard his blasts were down to 16%, after the 30 days if he is in remission again he will have another bone marrow transplant.  Cross your fingers and say a little prayer on his behalf. Mom and Dad Hunt were even down helping out so we got to spend some time with them and Brian.  We headed back late that night on the 9:00 PM shuttle and didn't get back home till after 1, I fell asleep a little after 2:30 and work up again at 6 for a day full of preschool and other classes... All in all it's been a long day.  I might be hitting the sack a little earlier tonight to say the least!  Thanks for the fun weekend everyone :) We love you!

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