Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Norman and Vicki De'Adle

Happy late St. Patricks day! Oh and since this is one of my good friends birthday as well here is a shout out for you Ashley!  I hope you had an amazing birthday, finally 21 ;) Yahooo

While Babe went on his mission he bought 2 green suits, yeah green... This is all he had until a little while ago when we finally bought him a new black and brown suit (Dude something about him in a suit, he is just soooo good lookin!) Anyway I just always thought it was random that he had a green suit but it sure comes in handy when St. Pattys day is on a Sunday!  Our bishop even called us out on matching... (Confession... I may or may not try to match with Matt as often as I can.  When I pack our Sunday clothes for a trip they are always matching... :) I will deny I ever said this but its true, I love matching this sexy man!)

 After church we came home and ate some green mac and cheese and drink our green milk!  It's tradition (well at least the milk is.)

looks nasty but tasted oh so yummmmy!
Later that night we started to get ready for our Mystery Dinner Suprise party.  We we given the parts of the De'Adles Vicki and Norman.  Norman was the bird watcher who is going on vacation to "save the marriage" to his diva wanna be soap opera drama star of a wife.  We had a really fun time dressing up and hanging out with old friends.  This was also our first mystery dinner, most defiantly not our last!

I loved his little comb over hair style

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