Sunday, September 9, 2012


School starts for us tomorrow and we are soo excited! I have a time consuming work load but none of it is like Matt's classes so I am not going to complain to much. I am so excited to be going to school with Matt he has been working ever since we got married and mostly worked the semester we started dating so I never really got the chance to walk around campus holding hands, taking each other to class, eating lunch etc together.  It sounds really stupid as I write that down but its the truth, I was always so jealous that everyone had someone around with them and even though we were married I felt like the 3rd wheel but now that Matt wont be driving to SLC everyday we will have a lot more time together!
I can't remember if  I told you that we are both working for the SLC Express cleaning buses at night.  Matt got offered the job and his boss said that I could also work there, its a bummer to be at night but it will be fun to spend all our nights with each other!  Oh and Matt also just got a job with Madison School District as a backup school bus driver, they pay pretty good and it fits in between some of his random classes.  We were getting nervous about how we were going to make it all work this semester but this is just a small example of how much our Savior loves us and knows our needs.  Prayers work!  Well wish us luck, here's to another fun semester!!

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