Monday, August 27, 2012

whoop whoop!!

So Matt and I finally moved back to Rexburg yesterday!  There was not a inch to spare in our car but we fit everything else in (we had taken a few trips up earlier in the month to drop off the bigger things). Matt had to go to work early this morning but he did help me hang up some of the things on our walls that needed two people!  And as of right now we are officially moved in and by that I mean all my decorations are up, the house is all cleaned (even the the outside siding), and I still have time to spare!  GO ME!!  We love our new place it is sooo much bigger than our last place and so far the neighbors are really nice and have helped up move in every time we bring a load,  I think we are going to like it here! The only thing left to do is figure out why our dryer isn't working... I know it went out AGAIN! ugh!  But my mans a fix it man and he can fix it I just know he can so until then don't judge me if you happen to see me wearing the same thing the next day ;). Sorry once again I don't have any pictures but Ill post some as soon as I can. Or lets be honest want to... hahah I have to figure out a way to put them on our computer and stuff and so I just need to find the desire to do so! But until then good luck to all of you moving in, if you need help you will find me on my couch in my PJS watching my netfilix... well that is until school starts next week! Don't judge. :)

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