Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just some thoughts...

So school starts on the 10th and we couldn't be more excited!  Matt changed his major to Exercise Physiology, and eventually chiropractics.  When he switched his major (it was computer engineering) he said "looks like we have to exercise now since it is in my major after all..."  Which to be honest I am quite happy about.  The exercising part and the part where he is now so excited to go to school and do something he loves! We have been moving into our new apartment in Rexburg slowly, but still have our bed here in Inkom so until we take that up to Rexburg it looks like we will be here.  I am sooo ready to be back in Rexburg, I will miss all of the family time but I am ready to have babe all to myself again, and to get on a regular schedule.  And the fact that I love my classes helps a ton too...  This next semester is going to be probably one of the busiest one I will ever have but it's so worth it! I will be done in April, for now (that's 2 more semesters baby, 1 including this one!) I am excited to find a real job and support babe for a while, since he has always supported me!

Life has been pretty crazy of late. My mother n law is ready to demolish her kitchen and start on her new pantry and new kitchen.  While Dave (my father n law) was away for work us girls got to work and knocked out a few walls to get ready  for the new HUGE pantry, Dave is now scared to leave for anymore work trips in fear that when he returns another part of the house will be missing... haha no promises ;) The new pantry is almost done, which has helped our lack of space in the kitchen immensely! In between the demolition we have been watching my 2 nieces for the last 3 days... they are sure a hand full but so fun!  I am Bella's favorite, she follows me around all day!  I was even taught how make baby blankets this week!  Margret is the bomb at quilts (she made us a HUGE quilt for our wedding, with the Bountiful temple embroiderer on it!) I would say I picked it up pretty fast because after we set up the first quilt it was done within a few hours, and then I did the second one all by myself :)  I realized I have a hard time giving up cute baby things... haha and I'm not even pregnant.  But they are just soooo cute!!  Anyway I might have to make a quilt for Ashley (her little baby girl can come whenever....!!) Who would have thought after all these years I could do something craftyish :)

Welp.  That was random but I have some time to spare while I am waiting for Matt to get home! :)  Till next time!

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