Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"We're Flexible"

"You just need to be flexible"  That's all they keep telling us but let me tell you its not that easy to "be flexible" when you have 3 pre plans, 2 lesson plans, and supposed to meet with your team for the 3rd lesson plan all due tomorrow.  Sorry its not going to happen.  They changed around all of our lesson plans and schedule in preschool, so what do I do?  I start to learn it, I'm flexible with all the changing.  But when you change it all again for the 2nd time after I already learned the new changed plan (make since?)  its a little hard to be so flexible.  Seriously I already have sooo much work to do without the extra stress that I am doing it all wrong and am going to have to re learn a whole new system...  Ugh.  Its not so easy having 3 different teachers to answer to with 3 different teaching styles.  Hopefully by my supervisor semester everything will be set in stone and I will already have it all down.  That's my wish I guess we will see if it ever comes true.  Until then thanks for the venting session!  Wish me luck this semesters going to be a loooong hard one!

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