Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Remember these old days?  This was when I had a huge crush on Matt, and Matt wasn't even thinking about dating anyone ever. We headed to Washington for our roommates wedding (how am I so lucky to have the same best friends ever since my freshmen year? and that they are also Matt's best friends?) Matt and Brians roommate Travis, married our roommate Lindsay.  Its crazy to think of this and where we are now!

Lindsay and Travis are expecting a baby in March.
Ashley and Drew just had their first cute little Abbigail.
Emily is on a mission in Philadelphia.
The other Ashley is on a mission in Tennessee.
Brian is going to school in Africa.
And Matt and I are married (which in these pictures I had no idea would happen!)

Isn't crazy how life turns out?  I am grateful for my friends and for my wonderful husband!

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