Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thoughts for Sunday

While talking with husband today, feeling overwhelmed and stressed about different things going on in our lives he reminded me of this simple message:

"Doubt is the opposite of Faith"

I guess I always knew that but it just hit me hard it reminded me of when Elder Bednar (I believe it was him...)  said

"Faith is not just a feeling, It's a decision"

My mom made a plaque for me that says that and I think it is such a good reminder everyday that we have to choose to have faith.  So this week instead of being stressed and overwhelmed with life's situations I am going to choose to have faith and pray to our Savior everyday that he can give me patience and understanding I need.

Side note:  Today we went to the BYU-I Center with all of the married student wards in Rexburg to rearrange boundaries and get a new stake (which we are in now!).  Elder Zwick and Elder Web from the 70 were there,  I wished you would of all been there it was such a powerful meeting that I even found myself crying during it without even knowing!  It just confirmed that these are men called of God.  What a blessing it is to have prophets on the earth today that we get to hear from regularly (Yay for conference in 2 weeks!) It's amazing that they know just what to say to you before you knew you needed to hear it, if that make since.  It's just a reminder that you need to be where you are supposed to be always or you might miss out on tender mercies that the Lord has in store for you or is preparing you to have.  Well we hope you all had a good Sunday!  Remember to choose faith!

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