Friday, January 10, 2014

The countdown is on!

I am so thankful everyday for the chance to be pregnant and for our little dude growing and healthy, with that being said... I will also be SO thankful when I can wake up in the morning without feeling sick, throwing up, and having to take my pills just to feel alive.  
I started a list of things to do before we leave for the hospital and everything is almost checked off, or at least the things that can be.  It's so crazy to think that everyday is one day closer to having our little boy to hold.  Everyday Babe goes to work he makes sure I am not in labor and that I know what to do if something happens while he is not here!  
My mom gets here in 11 days!!!  That is the fist thing I am looking forward to, then hopefully little dude will get here right on time, we are hoping for the 23 or 24 so Babe doesn't have to miss a lot of class or work.  So if you want to join me in crossing all your toes and fingers it would be greatly appreciated!  
While I was home my brother n law asked me if I was ready to have a baby or if it still scares me to think about the whole labor part.  I told him I wasn't really sure, he said that that means I am still not ready and that when I am ready I will know it because it doesn't matter what kind of pain I'll be in it's worth it to have him out.  Well Mike,  I'm there!  Sure the whole labor thing scares me but it's more of the unknown that scares me.  I am so thankful that my mom will be there to help me, well and my sweet husband but he is also new at this whole thing... ;)

Things I'll miss about being pregnant:
Watching my stomach move all over, and feeling him roll around
Nap time
Eating whatever I want and not being judged to much about it ;)
Not having to lift anything (selfish, maybe but Babe is really protective and won't let me do anything to intense, even if I think I can handle it)
Ultra sounds
Reading about what I happening inside me each week as the baby grows
Being fat and having people complement me about it ;)

Things I could live without:
Heartburn (I have never had it before this pregnancy and boy does it suck!)
Being sick all the time
Lack of energy
Sore feet
Maternity pants (I know so many people love them but I guess I never found the right brand or something but they never fit me right...)
Stretch marks 
Constipation (gross? Maybe... but so true!)
Excessive amount of bathroom breaks

There is so much more I could add to those lists but another thing with pregnancy come the lack of remember things, so that will have to do for now! Less than 15 days to go (hopefully!!) and then we get to finally hold our little one in our arms and enjoy him even more than when he was on the inside! :)  Come on little man, we are so excited for you to get here! 

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