Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Break in Pictures

 ^^Helping for my cousins wedding reception, unintentionally planned black and stripes!^^

 ^^Traditional Craven Christmas party nativity.  This year Babe was John and I was Elizabeth (Mary's cousin) Yeah we kind of go all out for nativities around here!^^ 

 ^^I love looking out of my parents front window and seeing this view!^^
 We went lazer tagging as a group adult date.  We played 2 rounds, the first was boys against girls (which Babe and I bombed at!) and the second was couples.  I don't know what changed from the first game to the next but we killed it on the second game!  I was Inferno (yes I did come in #1 thank you very much!)

 ^^ Making Christmas cookies is another tradition and being pregnant this year I didn't even start to count how many I ate...yummmmmy!^^
 ^^ I couldn't get enough of this little boy, our little man might even be born on his 1st birthday this year!^^

 ^^We went and saw the MOTAB Christmas concert! It was before Babe came out so I got to spend a lot of one on one time with my parents-just what I needed! ^^

 ^^ I love going home because Jillisa fixes my much needed hair, she dyed it and trimmed it! THANKS!!^^
 ^^Celebrated Auklins birthday!^^
 ^^ My dad is a perfectionist when it comes to his lights, he can't have a bulb out or it will drive him crazy.  Even if the roof is full of snow!^^ 
It's weird to think the next time we go home we will have a baby with us...  Life sure is exciting!! 

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