Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas 2013

I LOVE Christmas and the spirit it brings.  There isn't a feeling quite like it.  It is different for me being married now and trying to start our own Christmas traditions but still wanting everything to be like when I was growing up.  This year was a little different for us.  We didn't all sleep in the same room like we used to, our older siblings had their own Christmas at their houses before coming over also.  Lucky for us Jillisa and Austin are living with my parents right now until they can find a house so at least we had some of the family there!  Jillisa started calling us at 6:40 to come upstair so we could open our presents, I thought we would get to sleep in a little since we are all adults but the excitement was just to much I guess! 

 Sorry about the poor picture taking on my part, I was lacking in that department this year!

 Later on all the rest of the family came, we had some yummy breakfast and waited for Kyron to skype call us from Fresno! This was probably the highlight of my Christmas.  There were lots of tears shed, and lot of laughs, it was so fun to have the whole family together for those short 40 minutes-boy did that fly by! 

 Babe being the genius he is made it possible for Kyron to see all of us by hooking up his computer to our TV.  I sure do miss this brother of mine! 

 Later that day we headed up to Inkom with Amanda, Marshall, and Kezman to spend the rest of the week with Babes family.  It was so fun to see everyone up there, I think something I missed the most though was the beautiful mountains and view from their house.  Kansas has nothing like that!  That weekend we headed to Kimberly Idaho for a cousins wedding, yet another chance to see all our family in one day- we sure were spoiled in getting to see everyone we did!  We catch some nasty sickness over the break but I think we made it all worth while.  I can't wait till we get to go home for spring break and get to show off our little man!  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas holiday!

What was your favorite part of Christmas?
Any traditions you just can't live without? 

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