Tuesday, July 2, 2013

soooo many appointments

Sheesh I have said it before I'll say it again this little baby is sure making me go outside of my comfort zone.
1. I HATE pills-I have to take like 5 everyday (the swallowing kind, thats not counting my fruit snack muli vitamins I take :))
Here is a glimpse at how I take pills... :)

2. I HATE needles I go in every week to get my blood work done to make sure my levels are all up (I am low on progesterone so I have to take 2 pills just for that and get poked every week)
3. I HATE talking to random people over the phone mostly but in person as well.  So having to set up appointments then actually go to them and check in and has some small talk with the nurse or whoever just about kills me.  I know I am seriously pathetic.  Babe normally does all my calling for me but it sounds kind of funny to say "My wife is pregnant and needs an appointment..." hahah so I do the calling.  He does help me out when we get to the appointment though, he is good at small talk ;) then I just smile and agree. :)

Okay so it seems like I hate a lot of things but really this baby is making me experience all the things I hate a ton, which I am grateful for.  So even though I may complain a lot about it (sorry!) it really is good for me to be dealing with these things.

So ready for what brought this on?  So I seriously could sleep all day, if I was not living at home I just might...;)  But today I woke up in a panic thinking I only had a few minutes to shower (ha a "quick" shower, keep dreaming!) and to get ready.  Which I stress about because I don't have the type of hair that will dry all perfect it seriously looks like a tornado ran through it, not good. So when I get ready I have to blow dry and straiten my hair, and with the thick beast that my hair is it takes forever... Wow off topic.  ;) basically I jumped in the shower, got dressed, put make up on and grabbed some hair stuff to do in the car for when I get to my eye doctor appointment.  But there is this little thing I like to call attempting to eat something so I'm not sick all day, and that in it's self if hard enough.  I took my miracle drug, grabbed a banana and bag of cereal and ran out the door.  Lucky for me I didn't get very far before I released I didn't even have an appointment today, it's on the 9th.  So I took the drive of shame back home, but on a plus now I can actually do my hair... (if I ever get the desire to now...)

So basically thats how my mornings are these days, pretty pathetic if you ask me.  But like a good friend told me when someone asks what I did today (and even if it was really just laying in bed all day) all I have to say is "growing a baby is no easy task!" :)

Well sorry for all the random thoughts... I got to go call some Kansas doctors now.  Hopefully I can find one so I can stop worrying about what we will do when we get there!  Wish me luck!

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