Monday, July 1, 2013

Are we really this cool?

Sheesh you never realize how many people really care about you until you come out with some big news! We feel sooo blessed! Thank you everyone for your fun comments, words of encouragement and advice, and excitement for our new addition! It's been a long time in the waiting and we seriously couldn't be happier.  I find myself freaking out some times because I am nervous to be a mom.  Am I really ready?  I think about things like changing poopy diapers and pretty much start gagging (even though I pretty much gag at about everything these days!) I have head it's different with your own child but still, nasty!  I have been worried about switching doctors halfway through and moving to Kansas but our good friends live there and actually had to do the same thing with their baby.  She is such a blessing to me and we talked for a good hour about things I might need to know, what places she went to and who she liked/ didn't like etc.  It was such a relief and boy do I feel better now!  Thank you Lindsay you really have no idea how much you helped me.
There are days when I am so happy I could cry about this little baby and other days I am so nervous I could also cry hahah.  There are just so many different emotions going on through my head but most of all I am excited for this new adventure with my best friend by my side.  He is so supportive (even when he is gone for days at a time with work.  Booo) Oh and I have learned that Babe has some MAJOR fast reflexes haha wanna hear a story? Okay here:
So If you know me at all you know I HATE taking pills and honesty can't do it.  I have to have a bunch of water in my mouth, put the pill in, then attempt to swallow it without throwing up.  I know I am a pansy. Well babe being the amazing man he is got me chewable prenatal pills (if I would have known how much they were I would have NEVER gotten them!) But I have tried to take the normal horse pill ones and gag so much it's not even worth it.  But these chewable ones are seriously a little bigger than a quarter.  They smell like tootsie rolls but taste like a nasty wanna be chocolate tum.  Seriously not good.  So trying to please babe after making him taste one first I ate it but before I could get it down I started to loose my lunch so to speak... I have never seen Babe jump up so fast and get out of the line of target haha luckily I kept it down but it was sure a close one!
Another quick one:
I try not to cough to much because like I said before my gag reflexes are going off way to often and that just sets them off, random I know but true.  So I am getting ready in the bathroom upstairs while Babe is watching TV downstairs when I start to cough, then gag (which really sounds like I am throwing up, sorry... gross?) Well not even seconds later I hear what sounds like a stampede running up the stairs.  Yup it was Babe coming to my rescue seeing if I needed anything and I was okay.  So sweet :)  Random what I find cute these days right? haha

So there you have it, Babe has ninja reflexes and I pretty much gag all the time (but the amazing part is even though I just about loose it every time I gag I still have never thrown up... Success!) Okay so I really have no idea how I got on that topic in the first part, sorry if it made you feel a little queasy yourself!
Moral of the post, we are so thankful for all of you and for the support you show us!  Thanks for all of the prayers on our behalf we are so blessed to have people like you in our lives!  Thank you! 


  1. BRIELLE!! I loved talking to you and anytime you get nervous and need some reassurance, call. And it is funny what you find cute when you're pregnant. It sounds like Matt is taking good care of you!

  2. Hey Brielle, I have a brand new bottle of chewable prenatal pills that are fruity flavored. I never even tried one because I'd rather swallow a horse pill haha, but you're welcome to try them if you want! I'll just let you have them for free! Also, there are prenatal pills that are smaller and you take twice a day that some people like better... just some suggestions I thought of while reading! Also haha, I wish my husband had been as responsive as Matt to the "puking" factor. After like my third time (which was all the first day because I practically never stopped my whole first 4 1/2 months), he just started ignoring my rush to the the toilet and only came in if I asked haha. BUT he did literally do everything for me so that's redeeming I guess. I'm excited you're close behind us! How fun!

  3. Sierra! I would LOVE to try them! I'll also have to ask my dr. about the smaller ones. He gave me some small chewable ones that I LOVED but then prescribed nasty HUGE ones, lame! Maybe Matt is so responsive because he is hardly here... hahah either way I don't know how I could do this without him! I know I love reading your blog to see what I have to look forward to and stuff, were sooo excited!!

  4. I'm excited for you too! Are you going to be in Inkom for the 4th of July parade or anything? I'll just take those prenatals with me and give them to Margaret if I don't see you. It'd be great if you ended up liking them; I didn't like that they were getting wasted! And good luck with the whole thing!! It starts getting even better once you know the sex and start feeling them move all the time! It is seriously the best thing in the world! I'm just excited Baby Zenna will have a little friend close to her age!