Friday, July 19, 2013

4th of July... just a little late!

This was the first year since Babe and I have been dating/married that he got to spend the 4th with me (he is ALWAYS working...) this year he got off just in time to spend my all time favorite holiday with me!  I had to show him the right way to spend it since we will be gone next year.  
We started the day off with a nice breakfast- thanks mom!  After breakfast we headed to the Layton parade (I will admit its not the best parade around but we had the hook up's with my dads seminary so it worked out really nice with AC, popsicles, bathrooms,water, etc...)

 We missed the rest our family since it was the "off year" but we still had fun!

After the parade we went to camp out our spot for fireworks and then headed to the park to walk through all the different booths.  That afternoon we went to Bountiful to help dad feed all the missionaries in the SLC mission.  I got a few burns cooking dozens of hot dogs but nothing too bad ;) we hung out long enough to stock up on chips and drinks then head home for fireworks!

Babe bought the little boys glow sticks- he is going to be the best daddy! 

 The next day we had our own firework show thanks to uncle Kyron!

 Joshy isn't a big fan of loud noises..
 The adults... sitting back as far as possible as you can tell

Happy 4th everyone! I hope yours was just as good as mine! :) God Bless America!

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