Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Craven Family Vacation 2013- Hurricane Utah

So I was going to post our family vacation by days to try to eliminate this HUGE post but hey, ain't no one got time for that! So here is is a huge post with lots of pictures mostly out of order, but they say pictures are worth a 1,000 words so I guess that means I don't have to really explain them all (Phew!) so Enjoy!

Things we did:
We played games!

We watched horses and tried not to be attacked by ants
We went swimming, a TON!

We faced our fears. *side note we went swimming last night at a friends pool and the little boys were not afraid of the water any more and were swimming on their own!  Looks like swimming every day sure pays off!

We made our own Pizzas in a real Pizza oven!  Thanks Ashley for hosting our pizza night!


We went fishing on our private pond

We night swam- Babes favorite! He is not a big fan of swimming in the sun and getting burned, hence his WHITE glowing skin ;)
We played CRUD or CRAVEN like we changed it to 

We went shooting at Purgatory 

While they experienced ones shot the guns us other ones rode around on golf carts-my favorite!

We played frisbee with our new DEL SOL sun changing color frisbee!

We rode the Carousel 

We went to Cove Fort and had a picnic 

Here is the out of order things I was talking about... ;)

We- the ones who liked golfing that is golfed 
 We took lots of pictures with Uncle Kyron before he leaves for Fresno on the 31st
 We also took family pictures!
 We enjoyed the scenery!  This is where we stayed for the week! (thanks Chelsi for this awesome photo)

 We went to see Mary Poppins at Tuachan, and then some more of us went the next night to see Thoroughly Modern Milley-sooo worth it!
Tuachan is mine and Babes favorite part of our St. George family vacations I have been every year since we saw Tarzan so when we knew we most likely couldn't come next year we had to go to 2 this year to make up for it!  We have now seen Tarzan, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Mary Poppins, and Thoroughly Modern Milley!

 We went shopping! (Not as fun as when your not pregnant might I add... I really need to get some good COMFY shoes!)
 We snuggled 
 We slept

 We got enjoyed a nice storm!
 We played intense games of Chess 
 We went to Cabelas (on our way up!)
 We packed, full of chips to give to the homeless people we saw!

 We played the piano.  I can never get sick of hearing Babe play and neither cold the little guys.  They were always around him watching him as he played #favoriteuncle
 We shopped some more, and slept while shopping!

Babe even held the bird nicknamed Satan, big accomplishment! 
 On the way up we also stopped at a free petting zoo and almost got attacked by a zebra!  
Overall it was an amazing vacation to remember.  It's weird to think this was Kyrons last vacation for 2 years! We sure will miss him, what an example he is to all of us.  There was lots more we also did but I am sure you get the just! ;)

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