Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dedicated to Mindy... Happy Birthday!

So I know I have a few posts to catch up on but for now those will have to wait.  Today is May 1st.  I LOVE MAY!  May is my family's birthday month don't believe me?  We have one on the 1, soon to be 7, 9, 16, 18, 19, 20, 27, an thats not even counting extended family.  Told you it's a crazy month, almost worst than Christmas.  When I was starting to date my mom gave me a few things that my future companion couldn't have the first on the list being a May b-day (don't worry babe is the only b-day in our family that is far away from all the others, in September.)

Well today is my oldest sisters b-day, happy birthday Mindy! Let me just tell you a few things about her.
-She is such a fun mom to her 3 (closer to 4) kids.  I admire how she is always playing with them outside, taking them to fun places like the zoo, air plane museum, treehouse museum, winco (its that cool...) and lots of other places.  What fun memories they already have and will cherish forever. Babe and I were talking about what we wanted to do when we were parents and this was one of the top things.  Be like Mindy and do fun things with our family that they will always remember-no joke.
-Mindy has always been the peacemaker in our family.  I guess that comes with being the oldest but seriously she is the most selfless person you will ever meet.  She is always willing to help others and does without being asked to.

-Out of all my siblings I feel like I am most like Mindy, we share clothes (but by this I really mean I give her all of my clothes....) we even look alike.  I have had a few close scares of Mike (Mindy's husband) trying to hold my hand or something, no joke.  Countless times I will be somewhere in home neighborhood and someone will just call me Mindy and ask "how's Brielle" I used to correct them but that just made for an awkward conversation and I feel privileged to be called Mindy.  I look up to Mindy so much, she is one of my biggest examples so I love when this happens because it means I am a little like her.
-Mindy is sooo crafty!  Seriously she can look at something on pintrest, or anywhere and make it come to life.  If you don't believe me go and look at her house (but warn her before hand so she has a little time to clean up ;)  cleaning/organizing is my strong suit not really hers.  But like I said she is busy making memories with her children.  And it's not really that bad anyway...) Not only is she crafty but she is an amazing sewer.  She is always making the cutest thing for her kids.  She is even helping me (making me...) a t-shirt quilt (unless you forgot about that... but I really want to help you finish it this summer! I also have some more shirts to add if that's okay...)
-Mindy is always positive and happy, seriously she can make anyone smile! This is the gal you want to talk to when you are having a hard day!
-She is the best trip planner.  I don't know how she finds the deals she does or the fun places to see but she does.  I love family vacations and how well planned out they are.  She thinks of everything (gets that from my mom I believe).  She has soo many connections as well- just shows you how many people love her and are willing to help her also.
-She is also always on top of birthdays, graduation, anniversaries etc and with these gives THE BEST presents.  She is always so sincere with them as well.  We rotate names for Christmas and you know you are going to have the best present if she has your name!

I really could go on but I think I am getting a little to mushy ;).  I don't really know where all of this came from.  I have a theory though that you never really realize how good you have it until you don't have it anymore.  I seriously have the best family in the entire world.  I am a huge homebody and love to do anything and everything with my family.  I hate missing little things even if it is just popcorn on Sunday nights or trips to Winco on Saturdays.  I HATED missing Mindy's b-day party today with all of my family, and I hate knowing how many I am going to miss when we are in Kansas.  I can't wait to spend all summer with my families and spend all the time I can with them.  I have a huge summer wish list planned of all of the things I want to do with my nieces and nephews (I have to stay the favorite aunt!).  So Mindy just know I was thinking about you today and wish I could have been there to celebrate with you.  I am so thankful that you are my big sister and for being my hero.  I love you so much!  I can't wait to meet you little guy in a few days (I am voting for the name Scott ;) but I know whatever you choose he will be the cutest little thing just like his older brothers!) Happy Happy Birthday!!

PS.  It was a lot harder than I thought to find pictures of us on fbook... looks like we need to take some more (where we both look good!) Love you sis!

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