Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Okay okay so I said this before but I am so behind in blogging. Sorry!  Life is so crazy right now so maybe when life slows down a little more I could finally update you on everything else but todays post if about my amazing father!  Today is his birthday, how old are you again? ;) My dad is one of my best friends he has taught me so much I don't even know where to begin, Ill just mention a few.  
My dad taught me how to have a since of humor and to laugh.  He is always doing something funny and making us laugh (even if he doesn't mean to).  I remember waking up on Saturday morning to my dad making us breakfast and singing.  I love his songs that make no since and always rhyme, mom doesn't always approve of his song since some how they always end up rhyming with the word poop... but that makes it quite entertaining if you ask me! 
My dad is just full of surprises as well, he has taught me to expect the unexpected.  During our wedding reception my we danced to "Walka Walka" during the middle of our awesome dance there is my dad front and center moon walking across us all.  Hahah like I said surprises   Then right before we were going to cut our cake (awkward!) out pops my dads head from behing the back drop.  He didn't have a good place to stand so he decided to stand there! haha Like I said before my dad is full of surprises and always making me laugh.  It makes life so much more fun, I don't know what I would do without him.  

 I learned how to enjoy family time and spend quality time with my family.  All growing up my dad was always gone to meetings for his callings but he always found time for us.  He used to take us on daddy daughter dates, I LOVED those!  He showed me that it doesn't matter what we are doing as a family but that we can still have fun.  I know that our family is so important to him.  He always goes all out in planning our family vacations to make sure we can have as much fun as possible.
 My dad taught me to enjoy food ;) and how to make it.  My dad always says that he switched places with my mom because he is the one that wears the apron while my mom is the one that used the power tools.  He is such a good cook (most of the time...) and most of the food he makes is made up on the spot. He also taught me how to enjoy the outdoors.  I love working in the yard with my dad and helping watching him work in his garden.  He is an amazing gardener and is often found out in his garden in his nice suit and tie.  I don't want to brag to much but our lawn is also always the greenest one in the neighborhood, it always look soo good!
My dad taught me how girls are supposed to be treated.  He taught me in the way he treats my mom.  He taught me how to achieve my dreams.  He taught me the gospel and helped me grow my own testimony.  He taught me the importance of temple marriage and attending the temple.  I loved going to the temple with my parents ever since they took me on my 12th birthday.  He taught me how to trust in my Savior and to talk to him in prayer.
I learned to love learning and the importance of an education. I got to be his student my senior year of high school and I LOVED it.  He is such a good teacher wich is one of the reasons why when I was younger I would dream about being  a teacher, just like my dad!  He is a big reason why I am a teacher today.  He taught me to work hard and never give up.  He taught me pride in what I was doing.
Most of all my dad taught me how to love and be loved.  I always know my dad is there for me no matter what.  He is always willing to help others, no matter what the task.  I have always looked up to him and want to be just like him someday.  I sure love you dad and hope you have a fantastic birthday! Thanks for always making me smile and teaching me all I know!

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