Saturday, May 25, 2013

Miracles for Marshall

We had a fundraiser for Marshall this past week called Miracles for Marshall.  It was amazing all the people that came to show their support.  Everything that night was donated from different people.  Seriously in a world with so much bad there is also sooo much good.  We had a silent auction, raffle, bake sale, and variety show.  It was so fun but the biggest surprise of all was when Marshall, Amanda, and Kezman walked in the door.  No one knew they were coming (expect for them... haha) They flew in from Texas because Marshall was in-between treatments.  Side note his immune system is so good right now from this experimental drug (I am not even going to try to spell the name of it...) that he didn't even have to wear a mask.  It was amazing.  They even sang a few songs during the variety show.  It was soo fun to see them and to come together in such a great cause.  If you remember THIS POST it can tell you how to donate if you would like to this amazing cause

Our sweet set up- remember EVERYTHING was donated!  

Our crazy/ amazing family.  I don't know what I would do without each and everyone of them.  I have learned so much by being part of this amazing family and look up to everyone so much.  It amazes me with all the things that could tear apart our family just brings us closer together and strengthens our testimonies more. 

And isn't Babe just so cute with this little kids... ahh I just can't get enough! 

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