Thursday, April 25, 2013

Date Night

So I don't remember if I have said this before but our new apartment is right above the Craze (like no joke to get to our apt. you go inside the door that is right in between the 2 entrances). It crazy all the things you realize you have never done in a small town until you are leaving.  Well since we live above the Craze we decided we should go take a look around.  It's a pretty nice little place (kinda getto, but nice!) We were the only ones in like the whole place, I guess its not the happening place at 6:00 on a Thursday night.   We don't have much else to look forward to though because all we do is work so it was fun to "get away" for  a bit and do something fun.  
okay I don't mean to brag but we are going to have some pretty cute kids someday... ;)

Tomorrow we are heading to Boise for a Track work trip (Babe is driving for the school district and I get to tag along as well!) I love our mini paid for vacations! :) We are excited to get away for a little weekend and enjoy some nice weather (it snowed this week in Rexburg... yeah. Snow.) Babe took me to get Dramamine and motion sickness bracelets for our long school bus ride over there, and I talked him into a few to many treats so I think we are good to go! I'll let you know how it goes, stay tuned! :)

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