Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moving Day

 Welp we moved... again.  It's kind of confusing so lets see if I can clear things up for you.  We had to move out of our Woodshed apt because they wouldn't let us extend our contract till the end of May.  Babe and I work for Madison school district and didn't want to leave until they got out of school even though we were done on April 12th.  So we had to find a new place to live for a month and a half.  We talked Sam into signing a contract of a cheap apt in Rexburg till Aug.  and letting ups live in it.  Its TINY but it will do for a while.  Once we move out Sam will still live here until he gets married and then he can live here with Vanessa :)  It worked out pretty well if you asked me.
So I had to pack up our Woodshed apt into a Inkom pile (where we will be storing all our stuff until we move to Kansas) a Utah pile (where we will live once we move out of Rexburg in May), and a Rexburg pile (where we are living now...) It was really crazy there for a while but I think we got it all sorted out now, even if we had to sleep on the floor for a few nights...
 We had to move out the day after graduation and lucky for us my parents came up for graduation and helped up move. It was AMAZING having them here.  My dad and Babe carried all the heavy things while my mom and I went to DI and on the search for boxes (which is a joke during moving time in Rexburg).  We rented a UHAL for the day which was such a good idea and fit almost everything in there.

The day started out as good as any moving day would, good thing dad used to work for Baileys Moving and Storage so our trucks were packed full without a inch to spare.  On our way down to Inkom it started to rain, okay POUR!  There was even a bike race we had to ride behind so it took even more time.  Lucky for me I have an amazing husband and father that braved the rain and mud to move stuff in.  My dad was drenching wet and had mud all over!  Dads truck didn't have much power and kept sliding all over the yard until it eventually got stuck. We had to tow the truck out but all worked out in the end.  :)  Thanks mom and dad for all of the extra help and to my amazing in laws for letting us keep all our junk in their basement!  We love you all :)

We can't wait for this summer to move to Utah (with my parents) enjoy a wedding, California/ Hunt family vacation and, St. George/ Craven family vacation! YAY for family vacations!

Side note if you have any hook ups for San Diego please let me know (housing, disneyland, sights to see etc...) 

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