Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer time randomness

Kansas has storms like I have never witnessed before.  Within minutes it can go from sunny to a crazy storm.  The other night I was picking up a few things from Walmart, as I was walking to the car I saw some lightning and was excited to get home before the storm hit.  Babe called me just then as asked me to go get some vegetable oil because we were all out.  I ran (waddled) back inside walmart grabbed it and got out within 5 minutes.  This time while walking to the car it was a light sprinkle.  We only live like 3 minutes away from Walmart and in that time it went from a sprinkle to wind gusts and rain so hard I could hardly see what was in front of me.  Babe ran out to the car to help me bring in the groceries- which took less then 5 seconds tops and when he got back inside he was already this wet!  I'm telling you, it was a crazy storm! 
 We hit up the pool almost every day with friends, the water feels amazing and Jenson is quite the little swimmer! 

 Swimming all day = one sleepy boy! 
We also got our new stroller for when baby sister gets here, Jenson just had to go on a ride and test it out!  I think he approves, we can't wait to have both our kids ride on it! 
 Before the pools open and the weather gets to hot we like to go outside and Jenson rides his bike or scooter up and down the sidewalk!  I sure love these little moments with him!

 ^^ obsessed with his superman mask and cape! ^^
 I think we played a little to hard the other day because Jenson woke up with a fever.  He was so cuddly all day and wouldn't let me leave his side.  It was a nice break when daddy came home and took over for a bit so I could get some stuff done.  Later that night he ended up throwing up all over me and our bed, but after a warm bath and some more cuddles he finally fell asleep and woke up the next day totally normal!  I guess it was just his bodies way of telling him he had to slow down for a day!

 Babe loves puzzles and Jenson just got into them as well.  He was trying to help dad sort all the pieces but got a little frustrated so Jenson went back to his simple 4 piece puzzles haha  Maybe someday they can finish a puzzle together!

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