Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jenson looses a tooth!

Remember this time when we were coming back from our Utah trip and Jenson decided to jump off the bed in our hotel room and take a chunk of wall out with his teeth?  After we went to the dentist they said to just keep an eye on it for mis coloring but it should be fine.  Well fast forward 2 and a half years later...  I woke up this morning and noticed something was wrong with Jenson's tooth.  I felt it and it was so loose.  I can't think of anything that he did to make it loose I think it was just getting loose over time.  Jenson loves to brush his own teeth but I will try to give them a really good scrub every few days.  So I'm really not sure how long it had been like that.. mom fail!  Anyway we called the dentist and they let us come in right away.  Luckily it happened on a day where Babe had only a few classes so it was easy for him to come with me.

 We went in the first time, took a picture of the tooth and watched Toy Story until the dr. came back (they are like super fast and we were in and out within the half hour!)  She showed us the picture of his tooth- it was basically just holding on to his gums, no root left.  Luckily it wasn't infected or anything but it was going to come out sooner then later.  I didn't want to have to worry about it falling out and me not noticing it and having Jenson choke on it so we decided to come back in a few hours to get it pulled. 

 Babe tried to pull it before we went in, but obviously he had none of that! haha
When we came back he got the special room haha  The nurse tried to get him to smell the laughing gas so that he would be calm but he didn't want that thing even close to his face.  They had Babe come and hold him just so he won't be so scared. 5 minutes after getting there the tooth was pulled.  

There was obvious tears for a while but after he got some water and picked out another toy from their treasure chest he was just fine.  He keeps rubbing his tongue in the spot which is funny but other then that I don't think its bugged him at all!  Now I just have to get used to having a little toothless boy around for the next few years before his permanent one can come in...
 Here is to trying to embrace the space! haha

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