Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Temple Square

This post should really be called selfie stick love or something haha I sure am getting good at taking those ;)  We decided to hit up Temple Square before Babe had to fly back home.  It was also the perfect excuse to see some of our favorite people! It was still early enough that not a ton of people were there, and the weather was not as cold as we thought it would be- win win!!  We also had hot chocolate and donuts- win win win!!!

 I love these girls so much!  I wish I lived closer because they are now all living in Utah for school/work.  One night just isn't long enough!  
 The crew- minus all the babies in strollers haha

We love Temple Square lights- and the temple even more!  Spending the night with family making memories was the perfect night!  Even if most the pictures are blurry ;) 

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