Friday, December 11, 2015

Utah Vacation!

We were so sad to see Babe go home for school, but we tried to live it up still ;)  
We started out by seeing Santa!  Jenson actually loved him- or just loved the bell he got to play with while he was on his lap... haha 
 ^^ I made lots of shirts to get ready for Christmas! ^^
We went over to Mindy's for dinner one night, she has chickens and bunnies so we brought one inside to see what Jenson thought.  He loved it at first, then Uncle Kyron scared the bunny making it jump... Jenson didn't like the bunny very much after that hahah 

 ^^ for FHE one night we went to the SLC mission home and packed up all of the packages for all of the missionaries!  Jenson also learned that not all ordainments are shatter proof... ^^

 ^^ Jenson sure got lots of practice around babies- I think he is ready for one don't you?^^

He also LOVES bath time!  

 We also made a trek out to Provo to see the new temple (I wish so bad I could go to the open house for it!) and to see our cousins photo exhibit at BYU!

 You can't really tell here but for some reason we decided to take him dad's truck to Walmart one night... It's not so easy driving a stick shift with 3 large people on a 3 person seat.  It sure made for some great laughs, especially when we had to let Kyron reverse before we could even get in the car at walmart.. then holding up cars as we tried to adjust so we could make it home with the doors actually shut ;)

Jenson HATES the snow, he refused to let me put him down and if I do he just screams haha but were working on it! 

 ^^ Mom got some musical pipes for a gift so we pulled them out one night and played a bunch of Christmas songs.  I'm pretty sure we should go pro!  I actually really want some, we had such a good time, and couldn't stop laughing either! ^^
It's tradition to make Christmas cookies, lots of work but sooo worth it!  I even hid a container full just so we could have some for our drive home ;) 

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