Thursday, February 9, 2012


So this morning I snoozed my alarm 3 times, slowly straitened my hair, and put on my make up, had a bowl of cereal, printed off all my assignments that are do and I am still trying to stall before going to class super early...On Tuesday I went to my morning class that starts at 8 normally I am the 3rd person to get there (its a class for my preschool labs so its only support teachers so we all know each other really well) Well today I was the first person and it was only like 7:50.  I started my mini freak out.  Did we have class? Should I be in the labs right now? Did I miss a email?! You know how it is when you start worrying about something.  So I text my friend in the class.  No response.  Just as i'm about to leave and try to act like nothing just happened (even though there was a classroom of people out in the hall for some reason)  another girl walked in around 7:58.  Really?! Class starts at 8 and there are only 2 of us in there?  A more trickled in and yes we had class.  The first 2 girls that are normally there were just absent. Weird right?! Any way so that's why I am stalling... I don't need another mini freak out on a already crazy busy day.  I have to get everything done before tonight because we are going skiing with my family tomorrow.  Yup you heard it right skiing! :)  If you need a good laugh for the day please join us as we try to learn how to ski.  :)
Ps. If you see someone that looks kinda like this... feel free to lend a helping hand :) I would appreciate it :)

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