Friday, August 25, 2017

Zoey's Baby Blessing (8.25.17)

We decided to bless Zoey while we were in town, so both our families could be there!  We did the same with Jenson's baby blessing, and as much as we wish we could have our ward family there as well this is what worked out best.  We had it in Inkom this time, so my whole family came up after work and school on Friday (and ended up staying over night with my aunt so we could play the next day up on the farm!) This was also the first time my family was meeting Zoey (except for my mom).  We love having both our families together, and super thankful they also enjoy being around each other!  We took some pictures and then Matt gave a beautiful blessing to Zoey.  The circle was filled with all of our dads, brothers, uncles, and great grandpa Mckee. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by such supporting and loving family! 

 Zoey cried through the majority of her blessing, and all the pictures- and fell asleep as soon as we were done- true to her red head attitude! 

 ^^ 4 generations ^^

 Jenson was happy for about the first 2 family pictures then he wouldn't have it anymore.. so yes he was there even if we don't have the picture evidence ;) haha

 My mom helped me pull together a quick table decoration for dinner- bright and cheerful just like our little Zoey! 

 It was a perfect day celebrating our perfect little girl!  

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