Sunday, July 30, 2017

Zoey-1 month!

 Where had the time gone?  Seriously how can our little girl already be a month old? I swear I was pregnant for what seemed like years and then BAM she is born and time flies- it's so not fair!

 Zoey is pretty much a angel baby.  Sleeps, eats, and poops! haha She had a hard time latching so I have to mostly pump, but she loves her food!  She is an amazing sleeper- Like some days I wake up in a panic thinking something had to happen to her because I got a full nights sleep (like 6 sometimes 7 hours!)  not every night but those few nights are heaven sent!  She LOVES to be swaddled and can sleep even longer and better when she can't wave around her arms.  Jenson prays every night that "Zoey can be happy" haha so I guess he thinks she cries to much but really only when she is hungry or wants to play instead of sleep!  
 My best friend Lindsay is sooo talented and made Zoey this adorable unicorn and matching blanket (look back at the first picture, she is sitting on it!)  Seriously though go follow her shop HERE  I am so excited to use the unicorn every month to see how much she has grown!

To celebrate turning 1 month old we went to church for the first time!  When we took Jenson to church for the first time he had a major blow out and destroyed his outfit so we were quite happy when we left in the outfit we came in! 

We love you so much miss Zoey Faye! 

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