Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Before my mom leaves

My mom is simply amazing- if I can be half as awesome as she is then I would be one happy gal!  While she was here I didn't have to lift a finger haha but really she did every dish, made food for every meal (I miss waking up to breakfast made!) she did all the laundry and kept the house clean- not to mention she did it all while keeping Jenson happy!  I seriously don't know how she does it all! 

 We didn't get to do much once Zoey came but we did get out of the house a few time- including going to the Farmers Market and seeing Santa (Christmas in July! haha)  Jenson loved him and wanted to go give him a big hug! 

 My mom is also the queen of everything house project related!  We were trying to figure out a new storage solution and boom- hello new storage cabinet- goodbye piano! Babe was a little sad to see the piano go (even though it was his idea)  but it's so nice to have extra space now!  My mom also rearranged all our pictures, they had been the same way since she helped me put them up in our very first apartment 6 years ago (seriously I took pictures and would put them up the exact same every time we moved)  haha

We also had a list of things we needed sewn or fixed- she pretty much stayed at the sewing machine all afternoon one day.  Seriously my hero!

Goodbyes are seriously the hardest thing.  I would start crying as soon as I even thought about having to see her leave.  I sure hate being away from family but I am so lucky to have had her all to myself for a few weeks! 

When we dropped her off we all cried the entire way home, and for a few days after ;)  But I think we are finally getting used to being a family of 4!  Thank you again mom for everything you did and do for us everyday!  I couldn't had done it without you! 

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