Saturday, January 14, 2017

Magic Kingdom!

I was so excited to go to Magic Kingdom!  I wish we would of had a bigger group with us so that we could have gone on more rides- Jenson was not a fan of waiting in lines!  But I also couldn't ride much being pregnant anyway.  But we got to see lots of parades, shows, and other little things they do around the park.  It was worth every minute of my acing back and feet!  Jenson (and us!) were in awe the whole time!  Disney sure knows how to do it right!  

I woke up early to straighten my hair... I made it less then a hour before it was fizzy from the heat and humidity so sadly I had poop hair all day... :(  

The first ride we went on was Peter Pan- it wasn't a terrible line wait until something happened halfway though making the ride extra long... I wasn't very prepared with snacks in my bag because I didn't think it would take that long so poor Jenson had a couple breakdowns but once we got on the ride he was fine.  I love how they make some of their lines "interactive" soo smart disney! 

We packed a lunch and found the perfect spot to take a break, Jenson fell asleep soon after!

middle of winter and we were playing in water fountains!  We love Florida!

Don't those look so lifelike!?  I loved the jungle book ride! 

^^ My favorite picture! hahaha I guess he was done with me taking so many ;) lol ^^

Jenson was out cold 2 minutes into our drive home, and didn't wake up until late the next morning- even after moving him multiple times!  He was exhausted!! And so were we- thankfully we had a break before we did it all again on Monday at Animal Kingdom!
And of course a video of our trip! 

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