Friday, January 13, 2017


Some of our school friends invited us to join them on their family vacation in Florida, they have a time share there, and one of my friends brother works for disney world and could get us in free.  It was crazy last minute but we jumped on it for a once in a lifetime chance!  I'm so glad we did!

Orlando has a HUGE airport, I'm sure we could have just spent a week there and been happy haha Jenson loved the train ride just to go get our bags!

Our friends rented some jet skis so we hung out on the beach to watch them for a while before hitting up the pool again!

We spent most of our time at Disney World but had so much fun relaxing, swimming, and eating at the resort.  Next time we shouldn't even spend the money to go somewhere fun- Jenson almost had more fun hanging out with these guys then he did any other time.  He still asks about Reese daily! 

 That tiny little car there in the middle was our rental... there was hardly any space for even our luggage 

Every time Jenson saw a Palm tree he would call it a forest, that boy sure makes me laugh!

It was sure an exhausting trip we spent the next few days just sleeping and trying to get our energy back, but what a trip we will never forget!  

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